A Brief Liaison – Indepentional

The bus ride was becoming agonisingly long. The bright lights of the city at night flashed by the windows largely unnoticed by the man and woman in the very rear of the vehicle. They had brought a car to the party, but they’d had enough to drink that a friend stopped them from using the car. At least he’d paid for the bus fare. So they sat in the back together, kissing ravenously, ignoring the uncomfortable cushioning and flickering lighting.

“Parakeet Street!” The driver yelled from the front. They were just aware enough to hear, so they stumbled out of the bus onto the pavement just as the doors hissed shut behind them. Still, they waved at the departing bus like they were seeing off a good friend, then embraced again. “It’s just this way, come on.” She said, pointing down one of the many side-streets branching off from Parakeet Street. As they began the trek towards their final destination they kept close against the evening chill. Kissing while walking was awkward but they managed. Their eyes were only for each other and the pavement immediately in front of them, so before they knew it they had arrived at the apartment block, the large concrete box broken up in a few places by people still at home briefly after midnight. “Gimme a second,” she said, wriggling out between his arms, “I need to open the door.”

A key was produced and the door was opened. Motioning for silence, she led her partner up through the dark stairwell, both of them giggling all the while. The light was supposed to turn on when the door opened, but they could see well enough, so whatever. Up and up they went until they’d reached the 4th floor. They both made a point examining the name-plate on the door, even though they both knew what it’d say without needing to even glance at it. She reached into her pocket for the key.

“Eh,” She said, her hand coming up empty, “I must’ve lost it.” After a brief moment they both laughed, trying to contain the noise with their hands. “Oh well, it’s in the stairwell. We used it when we entered.” So they went back down, using phones as flash-lights until the key glared back at them from where it had been dropped on a step. Key found and firmly in hand, it did not take long to unlock the door into the apartment. Stumbling inside, they embraced again, fumbling on the plaster walls for the light-switch. Coats were clumsily removed and unceremoniously dumped on the floor. She broke away briefly, “So what should we do now?” She asked giggling. Not waiting for an answer, she opened the bedroom door and went inside, her partner following eagerly. But just as his arms reached around her again, she put a finger on his lips, motioning to speak. “Ssh now, the page is almost out.”


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