Dredgery – The Quelling War

Dota – The Quelling War

For those unfamiliar with Dota, it is an online multiplayer game about, among other things, a war between 2 ancient creatures. Each team consists of 5 people playing a character with a selection of abilities. Simply put, each team attempts to breach the enemy base and destroy the Ancient at its core. Now, this game has quite a thriving competitive scene. The biggest of the Dota tournaments, the International, had a prize pool of 20 million dollars in 2016. Part of how the company funds this prize pool is through sales of a compendium you can buy in Dota, with a series of rewards and challenges for the community. The very first of the Community Challenges in 2016 was cutting down trees in the game map. Quite a lot of trees. 20 billion trees, in fact. The Dota community is by no means small, but compared to the task at hand, it might not be sufficient.

Enter the YouTube Dota content creator and commentator SirActionSlacks – CALL OF THE C.U.T. CORPS

The video is what gave me the idea for the story that simply showcases part of a day in this ‘war’. As the actual Community Challenge never really mentioned WHY we are cutting down all these trees, the story also gives little reason as to why this is necessary.


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