Dredgery – Security Drone

Security Drone – Indepentional

One thing I love about alternative worlds is imagining the world and events around the story that it itself doesn’t cover or only touches in parts.

Security Drone is my little piece of fanfiction for the Massively Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Game “The Secret World”. In TSW you play immortal, and as such eminently disposable, agents of various secret organisations trying to protect their interests, and also Earth, against supernatural threats. You are very much a Warrior Drone in the grand Beehive that is Earth in TSW, with your powers being represented by bees and sounds of buzzing. Nuggets of lore are spread throughout the game zones, shown as chunks of honeycomb, followed by the line “Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see.”. Nowhere in the actual text of the story is “The Secret World” or their organisations mentioned, so initially I wanted to see how many caught on to its relation to the game.

So Security Drone was inspired by a mix of this bee-symbology and the dirty bombing of Tokyo in the story. Each of the notable persons in the queue represent one of the 3 major playable organisations in the game; The asian man represents the Dragons, a faction that plays off the other two to use the resulting chaos for their own plans. The elderly man with the storm-beard is with the Templars, that are pretty much what they sound like. The woman you spend most of the story with is aligned with the Illuminati based out of New York. Again, pretty much what it says on the tin.

One issue I had with this story was that it had been some 6+ years since last I had travelled with an airplane, so my memories of airport security checks were somewhat hazy. Luckily I went on a trip by plane to Italy with the family around the time I was writing it, which helped immensely. The plane’s destination is a nod to the lore of the game, where Tokyo is bombed a short time before the game opens, an event that opens the gates even further to all kinds of supernatural creatures, some of which are unfamiliar even to a world that has vampires, werewolves and poltergeists on the regular.


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