Dredgery – Unwelcome

Unwelcome – Indepentional

Unwelcome is a story that I thought off after being exposed to a variety of different post-apocalyptic fiction settings, Fallout and Warhammer 40K among them. Whatever form this apocalypse took, both its form and the world that came before has largely faded from public memory. Only the idea that the world Outside is dangerous and should be left alone.

Coming up with names for the characters of Unwelcome was a good chuckle. Gremli and Organaisa are probably the most obvious ones; Gremli is a bit of a troublemaker, so she is a “Gremlin”. Organaisa is one of the few who remembers the world before, whether through scant few years of personal experience or tales delivered down through the Elders of the the tribe. Being one of the Eldest, he can’t do too much physical work anymore, so he is an “Organiser”. Wida is a bit of a cruel one I suppose, being a comment on her good physical healthy and sturdy frame, that she is “Wide”. Finally, the group Gremli is part of, the Youngs. The story doesn’t mention it nor is it shaped by it, but Unwelcome takes place somewhere in Germany. So ‘Youngs’ is another word-change from “Jungs” which means guys or boys. That the group contains no small amount of girls is simply because they don’t know any better.


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