Dredgery – Collage

Collage – Indepentional

Collage, along with Baggage which I will cover later, is an attempt at more slow-burning horror. It was inspired by a combination of remembering the basement of my old family home and an old mousepad I had, as silly as that sounds. It was an old present, a pair of mousepads printed with a picture of me and my dad on a vacation. A good present that I got a lot of use out of. But they both had a tendency for the wear and tear to show up on on my face, the black underside of the mousepad slowly replacing my features. It didn’t exactly keep me up at night, but it was a little unnerving at times.

But enough about that. As said earlier, Collage was meant to be a slow burner. So I tried to extend the scenes of Blake looking at the collages as much as I felt reasonable. For this I also had to describe characters you never ever meet in a fair amount of detail, from their appearance to their hobbies and achievements. The idea behind Mr Wilkinson was that he targets people that either have achieved something or someone that he believes will in the near future. As the main character, Blake is, of course, the next target. As shown in the final scene.


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