Dredgery – Robo-Cuppa

Robo-Cuppa – Indepentional

First-off, I would like to apologise for the stereotype at play in Robo-Cuppa. Like the previous couple of Indepentionals, it was inspired in part by various stories in The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clark but also Ghost in the Shell by Masamune Shirow, more specifically the animated series Stand Alone Complex directed by Kenji Kamiyama.

These influences made me think of the situation in Robo-Cuppa, in where an early form of the advanced kinds of prosthetic work in Ghost… was developed in England, though that might not be terribly apparently in the actual story. And this is where the stereotype comes into play. I considered what would be a humorous thing to use as a trial for this new technology and its ‘current’ applications to everyday life.

The conclusion of which was making a nice cup of tea.


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