Dredgery – Eccentric Botchanist

Eccentric Botchanist – Indepentional

Eccentric Botchanist, like Who Knows…, was a story that I wrote around a time when I was re-reading The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke. The sci-fi aspects are softer, and the quality of the writing lower, than what you would find in any Arthur Clarke story, but I do consider it a homage of a sort.

It is also inspired by similar stories where some alien life-form, either flora or fauna, that has been brought to Earth for study and is at risk of escaping. I have personally mostly seen this in video-games, but movies like Alien:Resurrection has a similar plot of trying to avoid the titular aliens from reaching Earth.

Also, full disclosure. I do not know a lick of latin. The Cuswa’s latin ‘name’ was simply run through Google Translate.



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