Dredgery – Those Who X And Those Who Y

Those who X and those who Y – Indepentional

One of my favourite Arthur C. Clarke shorts, the name of which escapes me at the moment, describes an event in which a space-faring civilisation returns to Earth bearing a message. Earth was once part of the civilisation but, like a few others that are not named, was abandoned when a plague, one which disfigured those infected, struck thousands of years ago. But now they have found a cure! I do not have the collected stories-book with me, so I cannot find the exact quote, but it something along the lines of “We can all be black again.”

I do not believe Arthur Clarke intended any greater message with the story, and I definetly did not with Those Who X… which is why I made the ‘two types of people’ without any further descriptors.


The ‘family with TV’ scene is one I tried for another story that never really got anywhere, a Miss Universe competition where the competitors were entire planets rather than individual people. I could never find a way to portray it, though, that would not be incredibly slow and dull.


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