Dredgery – EctoPasta

EctoPasta – Indepentional

I was playing some computer game, probably of the Horror variety when I came across a note of some kind. I forget the exact contents, but one phrase that stuck out to me was ‘ghost eating children’. It didn’t stand out to me because of the actual words as such, but because I imagined a hyphen between the first two words, making it ‘ghost-eating children’, which is much more interesting. Sadly the actual game content was ‘just’ about ghosts that would lure children away from their parents and into some ruins. Grim stuff, but not children eating ghosts.

EctoPasta is a too-short offshoot of that, something I’ve sometimes considered making something more out of, but being unsure how that’d be done without just repeating the gimmick over and over. That said, now that I look back at it EctoPasta cut it far too short. you barely have time to understand what’s going on before the story just cuts you off.


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