Dredgery – Looks like a Clicker / Dot Dot Death

Since Looks like a Clicker is so short, this Dredgery will cover 2 stories –

Looks like a Clicker – Indepentional

If you have ever played a video game, you might be familiar with character creation. The two most famous video games that allows the player to create their own character, and appareance, are probably Skyrim and World of Warcraft. You can carefully ( or not so carefully ) tinker with bars and levers to create just what you want.

Or you can click the Randomize button and see what fresh horror the game can cook up for you. Looks like a Clicker is a (too short) thought into our real world having a similar feature.

Dot Dot Death – Indepentional

In retrospective this story makes it look like I take the related issues a little too seriously.

Grammatical errors and similar issues have always bothered me, which can make forums a pain to read, an issue for which Internet lingo has some  less flattering nicknames that I won’t get into here.

One particular pet peeve is people ending sentences with 3 period marks, like so… It can work if you’re suspending a sentence or leaving a question in the air to hang, but if you put it at the end of every single sentence in your entire paragraph, in my eyes you are like unto the devil. I will (probably) never tell you, but I will silently seethe at the sentence on my monitor.

Now, Dot Dot Death probably has many issues, but one that stands out to me, and admittedly did even when I was writing it, is what police officer or detective would willingly read out a convicted criminal’s last words to a media crowd?


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