Dredgery – Bless You

So now with ‘Crystal Beacon’ out in its entirety, I don’t want the blog to stop entirely while the next piece is being written up at my glacial pace.

So to remedy that, on Sundays I’ll be revisiting some older pieces, more specifically the Indepentionals, I wrote way back when I started this thing –

Bless You – Indepentional

Aside from the Guild Wars 2 legends-stories, Bless You was the first thing I put up. Posted 15th April last year, there is not much to this story. It’s pretty short, and now looking back at it, the idea doesn’t come that well across. It was supposed to be the main character (supposedly) alone in his apartment when his fall-time walk proves to have given him a cold. Following a sneeze, it becomes apparent that he’s not actually alone, but the presentation makes it seem like he’s just talking to himself in italics.


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