Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #49

“Something tells me it did not just go invisible.” Bodvar said. Even he# sounded slightly sombre.

Nora sat down on the lowest step and took a deep breath. “Then that something is correct. The Totema is completely gone, no trace of it remains. The Mist in this chamber is subsiding as well.”

They carried their injured friends downstairs in silence, leaving Nora to care for them while Bodvar and Erroix left the Turris to scout the beach. Sand followed the howling wind into the main chamber when they quickly went through the door.

She was inspecting Dah’Marras wounds when they returned. Sand had clung to their clothes and they both looked dazed.

Erroix started slapping sand away from his robe and sat down in a chair. “I do not think we can move ser Wright or Dah’Marra to the village just yet.”

“Why?” Nora had seen to their wounds as best she could, but having been abandoned for many years, the Turris did not exactly have much in the way of medical supplies.

“The winds we felt up on the spire have intensified into a full-on storm. It would not be safe to move them, nor is the village likely to be a better place than here for a while yet.”

The image of Sprohm going up in smoke as the ground beneath it crumbled and shook appeared in Nora’s mind. “What do you mean? What’s happened?”

Bodvar set his axe against the far wall. “The village has been damaged by the storm. The town hall is mostly unharmed, but I can’t imagine there is much space for guests.”

Erroix sat down at the table. “I would also hazard a guess that the villagers, miss Ailred specifically, are not enthused about us.”

“Because last time we went away like this, an angry spirit attacked their village,” Dah’Marra stirred in her bed so Bodvar lowered his voice, “And this time Luthadale is struck by a storm?” The elezen just nodded in response. “I would advise against us going to Luthadale for help. We might be innocent of wrongdoing, but the townsfolk might not agree.”

“Deormund and Dah’Marra need proper rest,” Nora protested, “and Luthadale is the closest place they can have that.”

“We know, Nora, but we might not have much choice in the matter.” Bodvar responded, rising to examine the door.

She looked at the highlander in silence for a moment before Erroix spoke up. “As we turned back towards the lighthouse, we realised we could see it from the outside, so it is possible that the villagers can as well. Hopefully we can lock the door.”

“They are not our enemies!” Nora responded, finding it difficult to keep her voice low.

Bodvar found a latch and worked it. “Perhaps not, but they might think we are. Remember what Berkholt said last night,” Nora nodded cautiously, “that after the spirit’s attack some of the townsfolk wanted to run us out of town. Imagine that sentiment after another attack.”

She had to admit that Bodvar was right. Suddenly tired, she ran a hand through her hair as she looked down at their injured companions. “How did it come to this.”


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