Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #48

Only after they had descended halfway down the stairs did Nora remember the angry Totema they had left behind when they chased Deormund and Volkmarr. Her worries were swiftly put at ease. Near the center of the chamber, Adrammalech lay shattered. The Totema’s dragon-form was broken, with great wounds in many places. Its wings had been rent and the scales that had covered his body lay scattered across the floor in great clumps. Most of his neck was missing like something had torn its throat out. Despite the horrendous injuries, Adrammalechs spiritual presence had not faded entirely. The spirit still had life, of a sort.

Even his terrifying gaze was less than when Nora had seen Adrammalech fighting with the other spirit. Bodvar had reached the bottom of the stairs before Erroix and herself, but had stopped there. The Totema had raised itself up on on trembling limbs, shuffling towards them like an injured animal trying to defend its den.

“Do you wish to ensure my destruction as well, mortals?,” The Totemas voice was weak but full of disgust. It took another shambling step towards them and stumbled onto the stone floor. “Was the crystal tether not enough?”

Bodvar had lowered Deormund gently to the floor and was keeping himself between the wounded spirit and the rest of the group. “We did not destroy the crystal. Volkmarr did.”

The dragon-form growled. A sliver of its strength was still to be heard there. “It matters not which one of you mortals did the final blow. You toy with matters you do not understand,” Adrammalechs remaining leg gave out under it, sending the Mist in the room swirling as it collapsed, “Like greedy fools hacking away at the very ground you stand on.”

Nora helped Erroix to put Dah’Marra down next to Deormund. They were both still breathing, but being hauled around would not do them much good. Sadly nowhere in the lighthouse would be a good enough resting spot for neither of them. The spirit seemed weak and was getting weaker by the second, but so were her companions.

They would need to get past the Totema, and the sooner the better.

“O great Adrammalech, I promise that we mean no harm. If you will let us pass we will leave you and the Turris alone and never return.”

The Totemas gaze shifted, dimming eyes boring into her. “It matters not if you ever return, mortal, there is nothing left here. With the crystal tether destroyed, I too am not long for this world.” As if to prove his words, the edges of Adrammalechs form had begun fraying and dissipating, small glowing wisps of aetherial energy drifting away on the growing wind. The party stood silently by as the massive spirit-dragon faded away before their eyes.


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