Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #47

The 3 companions cried out as the fading fog revealed their friends bloodied on the ground. In the same breath, Bodvar charged with his axe held high. Erroix’s magick reached Volkmarr first, an arc of lightning slamming into a white shell around him. Volkmarr turned with a condescending slowness as Bodvar reached him, blocking the downward swing of the warriors axe with his sword. Taking a step forward, he kept the weapons locked and swung his blade around and down, slamming the axe into the stone.

Another step and Volkmarr slammed Bodvar in the throat with the pommel of his sword. The highlander stepped backwards, gasping, and his opponent swung a second time, the keen edge of his blade aimed at Bodvar’s throat. Before it could connect, it impacted on a hexagonal shield between the two fighters. The shield turned into a green shell a moment before Erroix’s fireball impacted with the white shell around Volkmarr, obscuring the top of the lighthouse for the third time. The wind that had picked up earlier was gathering speed, so the smoke didn’t last long.

“I see a battle with you 3 will be far more trouble than with your companions.” Volkmarr had retreated a few steps. Both hands on the hilt of his longsword, he stood in front of the shattered crystal.

Bodvar had regained his breath and stance, axe at the ready. “I don’t know what trick you used to lay them both low, but it won’t work on us.”

Volkmarr paused for a moment, then flicked his blade forwards. Droplets of blood splattered across the stone. “I assure you, there was no trickery involved.”

A strong gust of wind crossed the roof, dragging some of the remaining ice-shards off the edge. Erroix had to grab his hat to stop it flying off. “The wind is picking up. I would strongly advise against any of us staying up here for much longer.” The howling of the wind as it whistled through the gold latticework around the crystal was making it increasingly difficult to hear anything.

Nora had cast some magicks to help Deormund and Dah’Marra from expiring immediately, but nothing within her ability would save someone from tumbling from the spire of the Turris. “Bodvar! We need to get them downstairs!” She was shouting to be heard above the growing storm.

“I know!,” The highlander growled in return, “But I cannot exactly turn my back to this guy!”

A metal-on-metal sound was barely audible above the wind as Volkmarr sheathed his sword. “Worry not warrior, this storm is growing too intense even for my tastes.” The fighter turned and walked swiftly away, pausing at a pillar to peer over the edge. Before any of them could react, he had taken another step and vanished over the edge.

Bodvar took a couple strides towards where Volkmarr had vanished before Nora cried out. “Don’t! Me and Erroix can’t carry both of them!” The highlander paused for a moment, then audibly groaned and strode over to the stricken knight. Bodvar took Deormund over his broad shoulders, while Erroix and Nora carried Dah’Marra together. As they prepared the pick up the ranger, Nora pocketed a crystal shard that had landed next to Dah’Marra. Maybe they could learn more about it after they had found some safety.


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