Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #43

Nora and her companions had barely moved, both entranced and terrified at the spectacle of the two powerful spirits battling. Wrestling her attention away, she realised that was not entirely true; Deormund had crossed the chamber and reached the foot of the stairs, while the soles of Volkmarr boots were disappearing over the lip of the roof.

Dah’Marra had noticed as well. “We need to move. The knight’s gone ahead.”

Bodvar sighed heavily. “And I’m supposed to be the impatient one. I’ll go in front.”

“Hold a moment. Let me cast a spell before we move.” Pushing the massive spiritual presence from her mind, Nora chanted an incantation, bringing forth a bubble of blue hexagons with her staff as it’s center. “Stay close to me.”

The group set into motion, running after their companion. The two spirits ignored them utterly, completely intent on each other. Still, once or twice the group had to dodge a blast of wind or dragon-form sent flying. By the time they reached the bottom of the stairs, both Deormund and Volkmarr had disappeared over the top. The clear blue light grew in strength as they ascended. The curious heat-haze of the Mist faded away, but to Nora it did not feel like the magical presence faded one bit. Reaching the top of the stairs, they arrived onto the top of the lighthouse, with a view of the coastline, all of Luthadale and the majority of the Zedlei forest. Ornamented pillars supported a large gold latticework, and in its centre, a humongous blue crystal sat. It was easily 6 meters tall, possibly dwarfing even the spirits fighting below. The blue light that they had seen numerous times since they had revealed the Turris‘ location radiated from it in every direction at once. At first sight it was clear to Nora that this was the source of the magical presence, and probably tied to the Totema as well, seeing as they were supposed to be guardian spirits. This was certainly something worth guarding, whatever it was.

Volkmarr stood a little distance from them, alone and with his sword still sheathed. His back was turned to them, but it was clear that he was looking up at the crystal. Deormund stood a little distance away with his back to them, spear held in a white-knuckled grip.

The sounds of battle below and the wind rushing along the top of the lighthouse filled the silence as the party caught their breaths.

“That’s far enough, Volkmarr!” Deormund shouted. The man ignored the knight, beginning to walk towards the crystal. Without another word Deormund threw his spear at Volkmarr’s back, the razor-sharp point aimed between his shoulder blades. Nora almost gasped as the weapon stopped shortly before reaching its target, halted mid-air as if someone had caught it.


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