Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #42

Volkmarr ignored him, striding towards the white-stone staircase in the center of the room. Adrammalech lowered to the floor again and roared, leaping towards Volkmarr. He did not change his stride at all, but a flash of light chased the fog in the room away for but a moment, and a massive creature intercepted Adrammalech in midair. The two rolled past Volkmarr, slamming into the far side of the room. The new creature was similar in build to Adrammalech, but larger and fiercer, but something was off. Had it been a mortal creature, Nora would have called it malnourished. Its sickly-looking frame did not seem to inhibit its strength, however.

Volkmarr kept walking with very little pause, ignoring the scuffle of the two massive dragon-forms. The larger one had gained the advantage and was slashing away at its opponent when Adrammalech pushed it off, sending the massive form flying towards Volkmarr and the stairs. Just before it slammed into the ground, there was another flash of light and the dragon-form vanished, leaving nothing but a slight glimmer behind.

“What magic do you wield, mortal, that you can summon such a beast?” Adrammalech snarled, white eyes trained on his back.

Volkmarr stopped, one foot on the first step of the staircase. He turned around almost lanquidly, casually glaring at the Totema before responding. “I think it’s best if you ask him yourself, o Adrammalech.” The flash of light came again, and the larger dragon-form sat in front of Volkmarr, keeping itself between him and the Totema.

It’s great horned head moved in something like a bow. “My apologies, Adrammalech of the Gales. I should not have underestimated our shared powers.” As it finished speaking, the larger dragon-form took a deep breath. Nora barely had time to raise a barrier before the breath was unleashed like a tornado, slamming into Adrammalech and nearly blasting Nora’s barrier away like a leaf in a storm. The Totema weathered the storm better than they did. The other dragon-form’s attack had barely ended before Adrammalech launched his own assault, another typhoon rushing across the distance. It was equally phased, and the two Spirits stared at each other as the storm subsided.

Adrammalech raised himself on his forelegs again, nearly reaching the ceiling of the large chamber. Nora hoped she would never see anything glare at her like the Totema was glaring at his opponent. “How can you exist?”

“It is not me you should be asking, little brother.” The other dragon-form replied with a mocking tone, then leapt at Adrammalech, fangs snapping.


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