Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #40

The inside of the lighthouse was curiously well lit, considering that none of the torches were lit. A small kitchen area filled most of the wall immediately to the left of the entrance. A table and some chairs sat under the far window, a few meals set on its surface. Or, they had been meals once. Whatever had been on the corroded plates had been left out for long enough to completely rot away, leaving a sickly-looking smear on the plates. 3 beds were laid out next to each other beside a wooden staircase ascending further into the interior. The bedding was beyond repair from age and one of the beds had collapsed, having lost a leg. A hatch sat into the floor hinted at a basement level, but the lock was rusted utterly shut. This room had not been touched for many years. Of the previous occupants there was no sign.

Deormund and Bodvar led the rest of them up the stairway. The story was similar. Signs of long-gone habitation with no hints as to the fate of the people who had obviously lived here. The next level up was out of theme with the rest; a wide open space. The wooden stairs ended right into the room with no fence or railing to safeguard from falling into the living areas of the lighthouse. The floor and walls of this new floor were also mysteriously smooth with none of the windows or ornamentation spread throughout the rest of the structure. The whole space insidse the room was covered in some curious phenomena, like a heat wave.

“Been a while since we’ve seen this.” Deormund waved a hand through the haze, creating swirls in the air.

It seemed to Nora that she had seen it before, but couldn’t place it. “What is it?”

“Mist. Lingers around places with a large quantities of magical energy, whether before or after the fact. I am surprised it hasn’t spread into Luthadale if there’s enough to be visible to the naked eye.”

“Maybe this room contains it here, stops the spread.” Erroix was running a finger along the smooth white stone of the walls.

“I wouldn’t say that is impossible, but I have never seen Mist be stopped by anything other than distance.” Deormund replied.

“There is certainly something different about this room. The style of construction is very different from the rest of the building. Unnaturally smooth.”

Dah’Marra and Bodvar did not join in on the little conversation. They were both watching the stairway they had arrived from, keeping guard from the rear.

In the center of the room another stairway ascended to the next floor. Unlike all the other staircases in the lighthouse, this one was not wooden but instead constructed from the same white stone as the room around them. The blue light Nora had seen at the top when they were outside the lighthouse was shining down the staircase.


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