Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #39

All 5 gathered, they set off. It was slightly after midday when they left the northern village outskirts. As they travelled through the town, workers paused and conversations were mumbled as they passed, the fine armour and robes turning heads as they walked past. Erroix held the disc and so walked in front. Dah’Marra walked next to him, partly to scout for any coastal beasts but mostly to make sure the distracted mage did not trip on any rocks or bits of driftwood as they reached the rough paths of the coast. Deormund, Bodvar and Nora walked a short distance behind, enjoying the spring weather after the weird trek through the spirit-disrupted forest the day before.

Soon enough the reached the beach proper. Erroix kept walking without saying a word of explanation, before stopping so suddenly that the rearguard almost bumped into him. There was a moment of awkward silence while they all waited for the mage to explain the sudden stop.

Erroix cleared his throat. Even then, his voice was a little shriller than normal. “Well, that was a surprise. You should all see this, it is really quite spectacular. Come up next to me.” He waved them all forward.

Nora exchanged a brief look with the others. Erroix was one of the more pragmatic mages she had met, but he still had his oddities. Calling empty air ‘spectacular’ was a new one. Dah’Marra had however already stepped forward, and Nora couldn’t see the harm in following, so she followed suit. As she stepped up next to her two companions, she could have sworn she had just blinked. Between one step and the next a massive structure had appeared before them. The style reminded her of the magick academies in Morabella, all white stone and dark-blue decoration. They were so close to it when it appeared that it towered over them, making it difficult to gauge its height. The only entrance she could see from where she stood was a massive wooden door with no visible keyhole. A few slim windows were dotted along the length of the lighthouse, and at the very top, a radiant blue light shone out, seemingly in every direction at once with no change.

“We suspected that one could only find it if one knew the way, but this is something else.” Erroix said, admiring the architecture.

“To think something of this size was hidden so completely.” Nora muttered to herself. Like with all things, the greater the affected area or object, the greater the complexity and requirements of the magicks and skills involved. She barely dared think what or who would be capable of hiding something so massive.

“Well,” Deormund said, “Now we have found it, how do we get in? Surely it cannot be as simple as just opening the door.

“Well, only one way to find out.” The wooden door creaked and the hinges whined as Bodvar forced it open. “Whoever lives here really needs to oil this door.”

Erroix looked away from the lighthouses exterior to give the highlander a questioning look. “Lives here?” Bodvar simply pointed inside as a response.


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