Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #37

“Can you pinpoint the location, Erroix?” Nora asked.

“Possibly. It is tricky, but I do not think that it is in the village.” Erroix replied without opening his eyes.

“The forest then? Maybe it leads to the Spirit Grove.”

The elezen slowly shook his head, then relaxed and placed the coin back on the table. “Opposite. I believe this object is tied to somewhere on the coast.”

“The obvious possibility would be the Turris then,” Deormund picked up the coin, turning the large disc around in his hand, “I can see why you don’t like holding this, Noah. It really does feel like something is prodding at me.”

A hand deftly snatched the coin from Deormund before anyone could react. “So this little thing can find what I spent the whole morning looking for? With no luck, I might add.”

Dah’Marra stood behind Deormund’s chair, bow and quiver hung over her left shoulder. No one had noticed her before just now. She made to flick the disc back onto the table when Erroix responded. “Careful with that!, ” The elezen almost shouted, “We still don’t know what makes it tick, so do not damage it.”

The miqo’te paused then put it back into Deormunds waiting hand. Dah’Marra sighed and went off to find a chair. She and Bodvar arrived back at the table at the same time, each bringing a chair with them. The table was now utterly surrounded.

“Berkholt had to leave to walk the rounds,” Bodvar said as way of explanation when he sat down at the table, “After the spirit attack, they’ve set up patrols to catch it if it comes in again.”

“As if they could do anything about it if they saw it coming.” Ailred said in a slightly derisive tone.

The highlander shrugged. “Possibly. Better than just waiting around, hoping 5 strangers help them out a second time.”

“So what will you do now?” Ailred asked, ignoring Bodvars comment.

“That remains to be seen.” Dah’Marra stopped herself from putting her feet up on the table.

Deormund put the coin in the center of the table. “I think we should go to the beach again,” There was an audible groan from Dah’Marra, “And see where this thing takes us.”


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