Final Fantasy – Crystal Lighthouse #36

“Is this about the lighthouse?”

The new voice in made everyone to look up, searching for the speaker. Noah had left the bar and was sitting in a chair he must have dragged over. The young man was keeping close to Ailreds side, but still looked nervous. “I might know something, but Dad might-“

Ailred placed a hand on the boy’s shoulder. “Noah, you know your father won’t do anything if I prod him. Speak up as you want to.”

Noah nodded and continued. “I was up on Little Brother about a week ago, after the other visitor had passed through. I was just looking for some spring flowers, but instead I found this,” Noah reached into his pockets and began searching for something.

While the boy rummaged, Deormund looked to Ailred. “Little Brother?”

“The westernmost of the cliffs aside the village.”

The boy withdrew a small disc-shaped object from his pocket, practically tossing it onto the table surface. It was shaped like a coin, only much larger. One side was smooth and featureless, while the other carried an image of a spire facing the ocean. On top of the spire was some faceted object. Noah pointed at the disc while keeping some distance from it. “I found it hidden in the grass. Not a bit of dirt on it. Picture looks like a tower or lighthouse.”

Erroix reached out for it then hesitated. “May I?”

“Go ahead. I don’t like touching it.” The elezen picked it up and started examining it.

From what Nora could see the surface of the object did not look rough or anything. “You don’t like touching it? Why?”

“When I do it feels like someone is trying to tell me something, like something is poking me on the shoulder.” The boy shook ever so slightly.

Erroix put the coin back on the table, but kept a finger firmly pressed against it. “Now that you mention it, I have some sort of unsettling emotion as well,” The mage closed his eyes, “And it would seem that, whatever this object is, it is connected in some magical fashion to a focal point in this area.”

Noah seemed pleased, but the anxiety was still present as well. “Don’t tell my dad I gave it to you, he won’t like that.”

Deormund leaned forward. “Does he know you found it?”

“No, he thought I was fishing that day.”

“Then I don’t see the need for him to learn about it at all.” Deormund leaned over to examine the coin as well.


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