Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #35

Ailred turned to look at Deormund. Nora wasn’t sure how to read the woman’s expression. “So that ghastly wound on the spirit’s form wasn’t from you?”

Nora shook her slowly. “No. None among us have the power to inflict such a wound on a spirit. Klahuu, the spirit, mentioned a Totema called Adrammalech, who did the harm. According to its own words, the Totema destroyed one of the other forest spirits as well.”

The wise-woman paled slightly. “One of the spirits, destroyed?,” She turned back to Nora, her scornful tone considerably lessened, “What will happen to the forest then?”

Nora leaned back in her seat. Her teachings had not covered this specifically, so truthfully she did not know, so she would have to surmise. “Without a Spirit of Spring, the cycle of seasons within the forest will indeed be disrupted, but if Klahuu can return to dormancy, the lesser spirits of the forest should be able to soften the blow, and potentially one can rise to take the Spring-Spirits place eventually. It might take a few years, though.”

Ailred leaned back in her chair, her complexion reddening slightly. “Noah, some whiskey,” She shouted at the bar while slowly rubbing her temples, “Seems I am in error.”

The group was silent while Noah fetched the woman a small glass of spirits. Taking a sip, Ailred again turned to look at Nora. “As you probably suspected, the lighthouse does exist. I have never seen it myself, but in old stories about both Luthadale and the Zedlei, a tower or lighthouse called Turris is said to exist on the coast quite close to where Luthadale lies today. It was not always like it is now, but it is hidden in some fashion to render it invisible on both our plane and where the spirits reside. Its presence is exceptionally elusive.” Ailred emptied the whiskey glass.

“Do these stories mention any way of finding it or entering?” Erroix said during the momentary silence.

“I’m getting to that,” Ailred replied, “The reason for it being hidden differs across some of the stories, from ghosts of drowned sailors cursing the lighthouse that failed to warn their ship, to a resident magician hiding his tower-full of artifacts from prying eyes. One tale claimed the gods had hidden the lighthouse away to prevent the end of the world, but that must be fabrication. I have always suspected that you cannot stumble across it without knowing of its location and existence, or surely it would have been discovered by accident years ago.”

Erroix nodded as the older woman spoke. “Would also explain how my companions and me have been utterly unable to do anything beyond merely sensing its existence. We do, however, still need to find it, curse or not.”

Ailred pushed the whiskey glass aside. “Well, if the entrance cannot be found by chance and none of us actually know how to get in, that’s a problem, isn’t it?”

Silence descended on the table for a few moments, interrupted by the boisterous conversation between the highlander and the seeq.

“On the upside, we know more about this Turris than we did earlier today.” Nora said, trying to break the silence around the table.

Deormund toyed with his now-empty tankard while looking at the table. “On the downside, we’re just as well off as when we arrived 2 days ago. We can only hope Volkmarr is equally lost in this matter.”


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