Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #33

What remained before morning passed without event. Come morning, the town hall was mostly empty, with one small group of townsfolk remaining, sitting anxiously around a table close to the infirmary. Nora was helping another young woman, whose name she had missed, seeing to Caroline’s leg when she felt watched. Turning around, she found the group from the hall had left their seats and were standing in front of her. A young girl and a middle-aged couple stood clustered around the infirmary entrance, gently pushing the man to the front.

“Erh, good day to you, Grina, and to you too, stranger. Might either of you know who saved my eldest?” The man held his wide-brimmed hat in front of him like a small shield, eyes darting back and forth between Nora and the other young woman.

The young woman, who must be Grina, piped up. “Godday Reikhart. The visitor with the spear brought her here just before midnight.”

“I didn’t save her on my own,” Deormund appeared in the door behind them, “Nora here was the one who found her and got her out of the house.” The knight nodded towards her then vanished again from the doorway.

The man turned back to her, the hat at his side. “Can’t thank you enough, Miss. Our Caroline went to bed early with a headache, so she didn’t see the monster coming in.”

“No need for thanks, I only did what anyone in that situation would have done.” Nora replied.

“Do you folks need a place to stay, anything? Our house burned down, but I can call in some favours around town.” Reikhart said, hat firmly back on his head. The two other family members had left his side and were now standing next to the now-conscious Caroline.

Nora bowed ever so slightly. “Thank you for the offer, mister Reikhart, but we have lodging in this very room for now so we have no further need for a roof over our heads,” Nora pondered for a second before continuing, “But there is one thing;”

The older man seemed a little anxious at her tone. “Yes?”

“We originally came to Luthadale to find a lighthouse rumoured to sit on the coastline by your village. We were unable to find it, and we tried to ask around as well, with similar luck,” She could see that Reikhart was very uncomfortable at being asked about it, but decided to press on, “You wouldn’t to know anything?”

The man clearly struggled, eyes darting back between Nora and his injured daughter, but as he was finally about to speak, Berkholts booming voice could clearly be heard from the hall behind them. The words were unintelligible but not hostile, however his intimidating physique seemed echoed in the sound. “Erh, sorry to say miss Nora, I don’t know anything about any lighthouses.”

Nora sighed. “Oh well, we’ll just have to keep looking then. I will leave you to talk with your daughter.” Reikhart doffed his hat at her as she left. The town hall was now empty except for her companions and Berkholt, him and Bodvar sitting slightly apart from the others in some conversation.


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