Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #31

The 3 beings struggled as they fell, Klahuu trying to wrestle the knight from its back and keeping the highlander in its grip. Bodvar trying to force the spirit’s vice-like grip apart. Deormund kept the spear firmly planted, riding the owl-spirit down like a bucking steed. Bodvar managed to escape just before Klahuu reached the ground in the alley where it had taken off from, and him and Deormund quickly disentangled themselves, landing opposite of where Nora and the others stood at the ready. As the dust of the rough landing slowly settled, Klahuu sat surrounded, with Dah’Marra and the mages on one side and Deormund and Bodvar on the other. For a moment the only movement was the Winter Spirit slowly testing its wings.

“Klahuu!,” Nora shouted as she stepped forward, arms out wide, “We do not wish to fight you any further!”

The head of the owl-spirit swivelled around to look at her. Its eyes were still bright red, but a hint of white was gleaming in them. Despite all their efforts, Klahuus form was undamaged apart from the massive injury that still scarred its form. “Adrammalech. The Totema is here, hiding his presence.” The Winter Spirits voice was shrill and raspy but it needed no repeating. Every word carried clear across the cold evening air.

She took another step forward, well aware of just how close she now was to Klahuu’s claws and beak. “He is not! Cast your senses out, see for yourself.” The owl-spirit glared at her for a moment, then raised its head towards the sky. As Nora could sense Klahuu’s focus flowing away from herself, she cast the healing magick she had been preparing under her breath. It stood no chance at actually curing the injury, but maybe it would soothe the pain enough to not cloud the spirit’s senses.

The small alleyway was silent but tense for a few moments as Klahuu stood stock still, its great eyes shining more fiercely than before. The villagers had long since fled the area, leaving just Nora and her companions. She couldn’t blame them. They were just barely keeping pace with the spirit, so a village militia would have been torn to shreds had they resisted. Her companions had kept their weapons drawn, but had made no others moves since Klahuu had stopped moving. Eventually the spirit-owls eyes dulled again and its form shrunk ever so slightly, its predatory features fading away. The red glare from it’s eyes and wound dimmed as well. “You speak the truth, Bergen. The Totema must have clouded my senses, for me to be so confused,” The owl rose slightly, turning its head in a wide circle to view the damaged village, “And it would seem others have suffered unnecessarily as a result,” Klahuu looked down at Nora, its gaze far less intimidating than it had been a mere minute ago, “Tell me, Seer, how fares the forest?”

Misleading the Great Spirit would not be in their best interest. “Zedlei forest will survive, Great Klahuu, but without Arhi-Spring the forest is in disarray. I mean it in the best possible way when I say that your presence will only worsen the disruption.”

The owl-spirit slowly unfolded its wings. “Do not worry, Seer, there is no need for your mortal niceties. I know what you mean,” The great wings flapped once, sending up a cloud of dust from the dry ground, “I will see what can be done, and then I must return to my dormancy. I thank you, Nora Bergen of Karradale.” With that, Klahuu took off, returning to the Zedlei, leaving Nora and her companions alone in the night.


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