Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #30

Nora looked at them for a moment before taking a deep breath and turning towards the noises of the battle with Klahuu. Smoke was rising steadily into the night sky as she ran around the corner to help. The owl-spirit was trying to take to the sky, but did not get far before a couple of arrows pierced its right wing. Klahuu screeched and plummeted briefly, falling just shy of smashing into another house. Before it could rise, Bodvar was on it, slamming his battle-axe into its side. The heavy blade lodged itself, and the massive highlander kept a firm grip on the weapon. The two struggled about the narrow alley, Klahuu trying to dislodge the axe and Bodvar trying to avoid the beak and claws. As the two spun about, flashes of light lit up the alley as Erroix finished his incantation, the tip of his staff crackling with energy. The lightning-bolt was let loose as Bodvar ripped his axe free and rolled away, unfortunately catching himself on a piece of timber lying in the road. The spell tore across the intervening space between the elezen and the owl-spirit, slamming it further back with a ferocious discharge of energy. Before the energy could strike Bodvar as well, a slim green barrier sprung up around him, absorbing the energy. Nora lowered her staff, noting that they would have to work on the timing in the future.

That would have to be another day; despite being hit head-on by Erroixs spell, Klahuu rose back up. The form of the Winter Spirit swelled as it drew in a great breath. Nora barely had time to raise the Shell again before the breath was expelled as a harsh winter gale, nearly knocking them all off their feet. The Shell barrier stopped the aetherial energy, but the biting cold passed through as if the barrier was a thin blanket. Before the snowflakes from the gale had settled on the ground, the owl had taken off and turned around, diving towards Erroix, claws extended to catch the mage in its grip. The elezen mage barely managed to react before Bodvar slammed him aside and took his place, blocking the sharp claws with his axe. Klahuu grapped him all the same and shot back up, quickly rising just ahead of Dah’Marras arrows. As the two rose steadily upwards, Nora desperately tried to remember any spells that would cushion a fall.

“Don’t mind if I hitch a ride!” A dark-purple ball of energy slammed into Klahuu from above, sending it plummeting towards the ground as if it had never been able to fly in the first place. The dark shell partially dissipated, revealing Deormund, his spear firmly planted in Klahuus back. The spirit-owl flapped its wings, but to no avail. While before they had lifted both the massive spirit and Bodvar, now they struggled greatly to not plummet out of the sky like a rock.


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