Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #29

Any attempt by Nora to shift the beam was met by cries of pain or whimpers from Caroline. It was clear by the noises outside that her companions were still busy fighting Klahuu, and worse, she could swear a worrying crackling noise was growing somewhere close by, as well as a definite smoky scent in the air. “Caroline, listen, I am going to need your help with this,” The young woman nodded slowly and tried to wipe some of the tears away, “I can help you with the pain but I cannot shift the beam on my own. Can you help me with that after I deal with the pain?”

Caroline nodded again, sniffling all the while. “I think so.”

Nora muttered the incantion as quickly as she dared then lightly touched Carolines injured leg with her staff. The young woman gasped audibly and sat up straighter. “How- what did you do that?”

“Later Caroline, for now we need to move this thing together.” The spell had closed the immediate injuries and would dull the pain, but would not last forever.

Together they were able to shift the wooden beams off of Caroline’s legs and stand her up. She was not quite able to stand on her own, but made no protest at being helped up. One of the other bedrooms must have had a lit lantern inside, as fire had spread around the house since Nora had entered. Now the front door had closed itself and been wedged shut by the weight. Even working together, Nora and Caroline seemed to have no hope of opening it, and the fire was quickly spreading further. Punching and kicking the door, they shouted to whomever might hear outside.

The door shook as someone outside tried their luck. “Stand back!” Deormund shouted.

Nora quickly got Caroline and herself out of the way, into a little gap between the edge of the door and the wall. “We’re safe!”

She had barely finished the sentence before the door was smashed off its hinges, flying a few feet into the immediate hallway. Deormund had more cuts than when she had left, but otherwise looked fighting fit. Caroline, on the other hand, was slipping. The spell was wearing off, and the pain of her injured, possibly broken, leg was proving too much. As the knight stepped inside, Nora tried to lift her back to her feet. “Deormund, can you help? She injured her legs.”

“I would be a sorry knight if I could not,” He stuck his spear into the ground outside the door and knelt down next to Caroline, “What happened?”

Nora realised she had gripped her staff so tightly her knuckles were pale. “A support beam fell on her legs. They are not obviously broken, but she cannot stand on her own.”

Deormund nodded and lifted the young woman onto his shoulders, then followed Nora out of the house. It could collapse at any moment, and the fire was spreading into the last untouched areas. “Take care of my spear, will you?” With that, he was off, heading towards the town hall with the unconscious Caroline over his shoulder.


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