Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #28

Villagers were running about, gathering children and belongings then heading towards the center of town and the town hall. Still in the form of a massive winter owl, Klahuu was tearing village houses apart. “Adrammalech!,” A support beam was ripped from a house as Klahuu tore at the buildings around it, “I know you are hiding, Totema!”.

During the devastation, Nora and her companions was were hiding behind the corner of a hovel, observing the spirit-owl.

“Should a Great Spirit not be able to sense something like a guardian spirit?” Erroix had his staff ready and like the rest of them, he was still in his travel clothes.

Nora had one hand clasped over the head of her own staff, so its light would not give them away. “Klahuu should certainly be able to sense that there is no spirit like that anywhere in Luthadale, hidden or otherwise.” A scream could be heard coming from inside the collapsing house that Klahuu was currently perched on.

“We’ve run out of time!” Bodvar stated as Deormund and him ran out of the cover of the hovel towards Klahuu, weapons in hand.

Shouts and dissonant owl screeches could be heard from the far side of the ruined house as Deormund and Bodvar attacked the Great Spirit. Nora tried to see if she could spot any signs of movement from within the ruined house. “Not as it is at the moment. Klahuu is too agitated and caught up in the pain of the injury.”

Dah’Marra ducked around the corner of the hovel and loosed an arrow. Nora was still in cover, but judging by the high-pitched screech, it hit home. “So if we weaken the owl, maybe Nora can do it then?”

“Maybe.” She really couldn’t say.

“Good enough for me.” Dah’Marra too ran out of cover, arrow nocked and ready on her bow. Nora and Erroix joined her as quickly as they could.

Klahuu stood on the ground, surrounded on 3 sides by Deormund, Bodvar and Dah’Marra. Both of the men had a few new scrapes and small wounds on their arms, but nothing serious. Klahuu had not sustained any new visible wounds and was craning its massive head all around it to keep an eye on all of its opponents. The house that the spirit-owl had attacked collapsed further as one of the walls started tumbling down, causing whoever was within to scream again.

“I’ll handle it!” Nora shouted to the others. The Great Spirit was too dangerous an opponent for the others to be distracted. As she ran to the ruined house the night lit up behind her, Erroix casting his spells towards the owl-form.

The main doorway into the house still stood, though it probably would not last much longer. As supports crumbled and the house shifted, so had the actual door opened inwards, creaking slightly as more and more of the weight of the building rested on it. Nora hurried inside, the light from her staff illuminating the dark hallways. The kitchen past the entrance was a mess, jars and various containers strewn across the floor. The oven was thankfully not lit. Another tremor went through the house, eliciting a scream from inside one of the rooms connected to the kitchen. I hope they actually heard I went in here, Nora thought as she rushed over to the nearest room. It was a bedroom of some sort, cowered in straw from a hole in the thatched roof. In the next room over she found what she was looking for; A young woman, probably a few years her junior, had been trapped by debris falling on her from the roof.

As Nora entered she looked up with shock and pain plain on her face. “Please don’t hurt me.”

“Do not worry, I want to help you,” Nora responded as she knelt down as close as she could. While most of the debris was harmless straw, two broken support beams had fallen along with it, one of them catching the young woman’s legs, “What’s is your name?”

She had begun sobbing, and needed a few tries to even get one word out. “Caroline.”


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