Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #27

She had managed to keep her food inside, but she still had the taste of bile in her throat.

“Give her a second to breathe, Wright.” Bodvar stood in front of them, towering over both.

“It’s fine Bodvar,” Nora took a quick sip from the skin and turned back to the knight, “I think Klahuu materialised in whichever available location that was closest to the town, and we got caught up in that. The Totema destroyed one of the other seasonal Spirits, and Klahuu wants vengeance.”

“Do we know where this Totema might be, and does Klahuu even stand a chance against it if it has already destroyed one?”

Nora thought back to her spirit-seeing from inside the village borders, to the spirits she had felt roaming the beach. “There was certainly several curious spirits down on the beach, so if a powerful spirit is hiding anywhere, it would be there. As to Klahuu’s chances,” Nora got up, trying to feel for the dizziness returning, “I believe that even before the destruction of the other seasonal spirit and Klahuu’s injury, all 4 Great Spirits together would be hard pressed to defeat this Totema.”

With Nora back on her feet the group began to run to the village as fast as they could. Klahuu’s form was gone from the sky, shouts and screams from Luthadale indicating where it had gone. They had just reached the fields when they met Ailred standing in the road. The village wise-woman was sweating and breathing heavily but looked otherwise unharmed. She looked furious.

“What in Mateus’ name did you do!?” Ailred shouted at them.

Nora stepped forward, hands up in front of herself in a placating gesture. “I only tried to talk to the spirit, miss Ailred, trust me. It has sustained a grave injury that may have driven it to madness. We want to help.”

“We have had plenty of your help, and I don’t want you buffoons to make it even worse.” Ailred jabbed her index finger at them accusingly as she spoke.

Deormund stepped forward, spear in hand. “I hate to have to tell you this, miss Ailred, but that is not up to you.” With that, the knight resumed running, speeding towards the village proper. Dah’Marra, Bodvar and Erroix all followed suit.

“Sorry.” Nora ran after her companions, leaving the woman alone to her anger.


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