Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #26

“Woah, what in the-” A large humanoid figure stood a few meters in front of her and drew an object from its back. A battle-axe.

Klahuu had not changed the grove; it had materialised Nora, the others and itself miles across the forest from the waterfall, transporting all of them to the first winter-grove they had found earlier the same day. Around her her companions were seemingly bewildered at their surroundings changing in the blink of an eye as well as a massive spirit-owl appearing in their midst.

Dah’Marra recovered the fastest, quickly rising from a sitting position to draw her bow, arrow nocked firm and ready. The arrow was trained on the great spirit-owl but the ranger made no other move. Erroix was kneeling next to her on the snow-covered ground, wide-brimmed hat off and lying at his side. “Nora, are you with us? Nora!”

“I am fine, thanks for the concer-” Nora tried to raise a hand to placate Erroix, but immediately felt so dizzy she had to resist the urge to empty her stomach onto the ground in front of her. Being moved so far and so quickly out of spirit-seeing would take a harsh toll on anyone. She was barely aware of Deormund coming over and helping her up. Klahuu was flapping its enormous wings, slowly rising up above the forest canopy. Even in the mortal world its form carried the injury it had sustained from Adrammalech.

As the dizziness and nausea began to fade, Nora looked up to see that they were approaching the edge of the forest. A half-moon was just peeking out from behind the clouds in the night sky, giving just enough illumination to show Klahuu gliding down towards Luthadale. In the wake of the Winter Spirits rime-covered wings, the spring-evening became filled with snow.


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