Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #25

The massive being glared towards her but made no immediate reply. Nora eyed the injury that Klahuu had sustained. Were it a mortal being, Klahuu would surely have perished long ago. The massive gash crossed its entire form, forming a harsh white blemish across its torso. She did not like the look of it one bit. The forms of spirits did not function like mortal beings, so a visible wound or injuries was more significant than a similar gash on a mortal body.

“Totema.” Klahuus voice was rough and raspy, but somehow it carried easily through the freezing wind blowing across the grove.

Trying to remain calm, Nora asked, “What did the Totema do? How did it wake you from your dormancy? What happened to Arhi-Spring?”

There was a grating noise like a painful intake of breath, and Klahuu leapt from its perch, scattering a massive snow-drift as it slammed into the middle of the clearing. Icicles dislodged and landed all around Nora. “Adrammalech. His coming forced me from my slumber. He should not have been here, but yet he was. Arhi felt it too, and together we faced him.”

“Faced him? I thought the Totema were guardian spirits.”

Klahuu slowly nodded its great head, a red tinge appearing at the edges of its white eyes and wound. “Just so. Which is why he should not have been here. Adrammalech was different than he should be and Arhi questioned that,” There was a brief pause before the spirit continued, meanwhile the red colouration slowly grew, “To which the Great Dragon Adrammalech responded by nearly taking my form from me,” Klahuu grew visibly tenser, its form shifting slightly, “And destroying Arhi.” The gash was now pulsing with red light.

Nora gasped involuntarily in response. If this Adrammalech had truly destroyed one of the seasonal spirits, then not only would the Zedlei be out of balance for years to come, but the Totema was also far stronger than she thought. To wake a great Spirit from its sleep was one thing, but to wound one and destroy another? Nora had little idea what kind of creature would be capable of such a feat.

While Nora pondered, Klahuus form had shifted further. Its limbs grew long and wider, and white feathers had begun spreading out to form a pair of wings. It now resembled a great winter owl, its massive red-rimmed eyes glaring at her. Despite its snow-white plumage, the harsh injury Klahuu had sustained was still very visible, the crimson light discolouring the snow beneath it. “The Totema is close. I can sense him,” A new gale ripped through the clearing, nearly knocking Nora off her feet, “This time Adrammalech will not escape!”

Klahuu raised it wings, and the gale grew even fiercer. The air was thick with snow picked up by the wind, obscuring anything further than a few feet. Even the towering waterfall seemed to shrink as the massive form of the winter spirit screeched. Without registering the distance, Nora found herself sitting on the snow-covered ground in the same pose she used for spirit-seeing.


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