Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #24

Eventually they arrived at the area mentioned by the two spirits Nora had talked to. Clearing a frost-covered bush away, the party emerged into a clearing by a large cliff. A waterfall splashed down from the top of the cliffs into a river that ran through the majority of the forest and down into the ocean past Luthadale. The frigid temperatures caused by the spiritual unrest had frozen the waterfall solid. Nora did not need to attempt spirit-seeing to determine that this was were the unduly-awoken winter spirit made its home now. By now night had truly fallen, and the wind blowing past the frozen waterfall chilled them to the bone.

“We’ve found the spirit-home.” Dah’Marra proclaimed, unaffected by the harsh cold.

Nora had reached the same conclusion, but she was well-versed in detecting spirits, with or without spirit-seeing. To her knowledge the ranger had never had such training. “How do you know, Dah’Marra?”

The miqo’tes ears twitched in the winter gale, but she didn’t reply.

“So what now?” Bodvar asked. Nora noticed he had drawn his weapon, the keen battle-axe ready in his hands.

She considered the warriors question for a moment. “I will need to talk to the spirits here, too. Hopefully we can return Klahuu to dormancy.”

It did not take Dah’Marra long to find a small cave next to the waterfall. It was hardly deep, but provided decent enough shelter from the wind and chill of the disrupted forest. While her companions watched and waited, Nora assumed her stance for the third time that day and reached out to the spirits, hoping for some answers to this quandary.

Nora was not sure quite what she had expected, but the spirit-grove exceeded it. While the cold had been harsh in the mortal world, in the spirit world it was frigid. Any plant-life seemed utterly dead, and the drifts of snow loomed above her, framing the frozen waters of the massive fall. Of the numerous spirits that should be inhabiting such an important place, there were none to be seen. The grove seemed devoid of any kind of life, physical or spiritual, that had not trekked through the Zedlei at her side. Except for one being. It sat perched on the peak of the waterfall like some great bird of prey, its rime-covered form impressive despite the massive white injury across its midsection.

Nora was kneeling even before the massive spirit craned its head to look down at her. “Great Winter Spirit Klahuu, I am Nora Bergen of Karradale.“


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