Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #23

“Nora,” The elezen asked, still keeping an eye on the surrounding forest, “I realised you did not actually mention anything about the forest back in that grove. Didn’t the spirits tell you anything about why this phenomenon is happening?”

“They did. Sometime during the Totemas passing, it woke the Great Winter Spirit called Klahuu. I don’t know exactly how, but that is probably also why it has not simply returned to its usual dormancy.” Nora replied, keeping a similar watch on the night-time forest. Dah’Marra had told her that the forest was much more dangerous place after sundown, but the ranger had never specified why or how.

“So what is our plan of action? This is your area of expertise, not mine.”

Nora pondered for a moment before responding. “I am still not entirely sure. When I was training with Master Karitra situations like this were never covered, and she also never mentioned Totemas. I would say that we need to put Klahuu back into dormancy somehow. Zedlei Forest will be in disarray like this for years if the winter spirit is left awake, but quite how we do that is unclear to me at the moment.” Erroix nodded slowly in response, but said nothing further.

“I hope I do not need to remind you, Nora, of why we came to Luthadale in the first place.” Deormund walked in front of them, lantern held to his side and his spear in his other hand.

“What do you mean?” Nora replied, slightly puzzled.

Deormund still had his back turned to them. “What I mean is that we did not trek all the way to Luthadale through the Zedlei simply to help them with their problems.”

“We came to track down Volkmarr and stop him, I know,” Nora replied, trying to keep her voice level, “But then why are we out here?” She was surprised how the knight’s question had struck her.

The knight shifted the lantern around as he talked. “None of us have been able to pinpoint the location of the lighthouse Volkmarr is searching for. We are still not entirely sure why he is searching for it and what he hopes to find there. Fulfilling Miss Ailreds request is the quickest route towards that goal”

She tried to bury her frustration as she responded. “This could encompass all of the Zedlei and the lands around it, even Morabella, ser Deormund. It is not a trivial matter.” Nora felt wanted to stomp the ground or slam her fist onto a table, but the loam on the ground beneath was too soft and no tables were handy, and she was no longer a child that could rightly pull a tantrum.

“That is not what I am suggesting, miss Bergen. But surely preventing something like what happened at Sprohm from happening again takes precedence, does it not?” With that, Deormund looked back at her and bowed his head slightly then increased his pace, only his lantern showing where the knight was in the dark forest in front of her.

Nora knew the knight was not trying to agitate her, but simply trying to help. They could not stop in every little village, help every ill. If further problems developed in the wake of whatever solution they would find to this problem, unless solving those problems would directly interfere with their quarry’s mission, even she could not justify sticking around.


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