Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #21

Another name Nora had never heard, not from her master nor from any texts. “How long ago did Great Dragon Adrammalech of the Gales wander the forest?” She asked, feeling that she could take a guess.

Two arms emerged from Splish’s form, ends splitting into 10 fingers. “10 of your mortal days ago.”

“Did Great Dragon Adrammalech of the Gales wander the forest alone?” Nora asked. She knew the answer already.

“Great Dragon Adrammalech of the Gales wandered the forest with a mortal, though this one knows not its name. It had a most peculiar presence in our world.”

So Volkmarr and this Totema are linked. “Did anything happen between this Adrammalech and Klahuu-Winter?”

Sprig pointed to the oak tree with a leaf-covered appendage. “We are both bound here, so we cannot wander far. We were not there when Klahuu-Winter and Adrammalech met.”

“I wish to talk to Klahuu-Winter. Where does the Great Winter Spirit reside?” Nora asked.

Sprig pointed a green limb towards the one side of the clearing. “Wander the forest till you find a waterfall. That is where all the seasonal spirits reside when they are awake,” Nora recognised that her group had entered the clearing from the opposite side. Splish continued the explanation, “There you will find both Arhi-Spring and Klahuu-Winter, though in what state we cannot say.”

Looks like we will have to go to the source to learn what we need, Nora thought. To be fair, she had expected as much. She bowed as elegantly as she could to the two forest spirits. “Thank you two so much for your help. I will do what I can to restore the balance.”

Sprig turned its form towards her, its curious sap-orange eyes staring at her. A spirits form conveyed emotions differently than a mortal, but she was sure she could sense something like hope from the oak spirit. “Will you return Klahuu-Winter to its sleep?”

“If that is what is needed.”


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