Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #18

While the village itself was nestled between 2 large cliffs, the beach beyond was largely flat, with a few hills of sand and grass-clumps being the most extreme terrain differences. A number of figures wandered the long beach in small groups, but it did not take long for Nora to discern which one was her companions. None of the villagers walked the beach with a spear or axe strapped across their back.

Enjoying the beach?” Nora asked as she joined the others. Like herself, Erroix, Deormund and Bodvar had removed most of the travelling clothes from the previous day. Actual spring weather meant that Luthadale was a lot warmer than the unseasonably cold Zedlei had been.

Erroix carried his robe over his shoulder like a sack. “We have found nothing, thank you for asking. I am not sure if I should be thankful or regretful for that.”

“No tower and no Volkmarr.” Bodvar continued.

“I cannot imagine where one would hide on this beach.” Deormund said in a musing tone.

Nora could see what he meant. The coast was almost entirely flat, and aside from the 2 cliffs flanking the village, there were no notable rocks or similar pieces anywhere. Hopefully they could get more information from the villagers if they asked about caves than what little they had gleaned about the lighthouse.

Bodvar turned to her. “And how did you spend your morning? Dah’Marra said she would go find you, but she’s not with you.”

“I explored the spirits here in Luthadale, before we go into the Zedlei.” Nora looked out over the ocean as they talked. She had not noticed the salt-ocean smell before now.

And how did that go? Please tell me you had more luck than us.”

“I had some ‘luck’, I suppose,” Nora answered, trying to figure out how to present what she had found, “and upon further examination, I concur with what Erroix said yesterday; there is something along this beach that is causing odd behaviour among both aether and spirits. While the local spirits are very unusual, it is not in a fashion that should affect the forest. Something is definitely off in the Zedlei, like Ailred surmised. The seasonal spirits are out of balance, though I cannot tell exactly why without having a closer look.”

Erroix nodded in response, his expression quietly pleased. “Then I suggest we explore the forest, see what you can learn from that.”

Bodvar raised an eyebrow at that. “I thought you didn’t like the forest.”

“I do not, but it is preferable to this bothersome sand.”


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