Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #17

Slowly and with exaggerated care, Nora withdrew her senses from the forest and returned back within herself.

She slowly opened her eyes to find that the sun had now risen well above the horizon, signalling that midday was not far off. Nora relaxed her stance and stretched her legs out over the grass. Spirit-seeing always tensed her up, especially without a comfortable place to sit. At least the sun was pleasantly warm, and it would seem someone else was taking advantage of the time of day. She could see a pair of miqo’te ears lazily catching the spring breeze just around the willow tree. Dah’Marra was sun-napping just outside the border of Nora’s spell. She could not see any of the others about, and the village seemed to have started whatever works they undertook during the day. Nora would have to explore the forest from the inside to discover exactly what happened and how she could solve it, but going in alone would be foolish. She would go with the others, but first she would need to find them. Thankfully the one party member in sight was their ranger, and Dah’Marra was very good at finding things. Nora wished she could stretch out in the sun for a short while like her friend, but the longer they dawdled about in the sun the more time Volkmarr had for his plans. The miqo’te yawned and stretched when Nora gently shook her by the shoulder, but was still resolutely lying down. “Did you really have to wake me? I was having such a nice nap.”

“I don’t think we really have time for naps, Dah’Marra,” Nora replied, stretching again, “Where did the others go?”

Dah’Marra slowly sat up and stretched again, yawning loudly. “Erroix said he wanted to see the beach. Deormund and Bodvar went with him. I don’t really like sand so I said I would find Nora and stick around.”

Nora nodded slowly as the miqo’te spoke. The beach was indeed interesting so Nora could see why Erroix would want to see it for himself. “We need to enter the Zedlei again, so we need the others.” Nora looked on as Dah’Marra reluctantly got to her feet. Despite having slept in the grass, her fur did not seem disturbed in the slightest, though she did look a little groggy from the nap. “You know what, I can find the others on my own. You can go back to your nap if you want, we’ll find you before we go to the forest.”

As Nora began walking towards the coastline, she was a little surprised that the resulting hug had not broken anything.


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