Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #16

There was one immediately curious aspect about them; there was a noticeable age disparity amongst them, with some being easily hundreds of years older than the youngest. Nora slowly rose from her seat against the tree, making sure to remember it as vividly as she could. While she could easily move about during spirit-seeing, she would need to find her physical body again to return. The spirits in the village were all quite young, with the older spirits increasing in number the closer she got to the beach. She could also confirm another thing the elezen mage had said. While aether and spirits are not the same, nor do they act in the same manner, great changes or effects to one realm tend to affect the other as well. Many of the spirits along the coast, especially the older ones, were roaming about, searching for something that they could not find, but they knew it was there. Something drawing in both aether and spirits, like a beacon. A lighthouse might fit such a description. But while that knowledge was helpful, confirmation of the lighthouse’s existence was not why she was out here. Nora drew back from the coast and ventured inland, heading for the border of the Zedlei. The forest was a different spiritual realm than Luthadale, so her perception would be dulled during her exploration. Despite that, she felt it would be reckless to sit unguarded in the forest.

The spirits of the forest quickly showed themselves to be different from the spirits in the village and on the coast. The curious age disparity she had noticed among the Luthadale spirits was not present in the Zedlei. But the unrest in the forest was also far greater than the village. Damage had been caused in some way, disrupting the balance of power in the forest of spirits. While the smaller spirits of the Zedlei constantly vied for position, 4 spirits held the real power in the forest. One for each season, the spirits fell in and out of dormancy as the seasons shifted, changing the nature of the forest throughout the year. Now, however, the damage had disrupted this cycle, and 2 of these great spirits were awake at the same time, throwing the balance of the forest into disarray.

Judging by the cold that Nora could feel throughout the forest and the unseasonable chill Ailred had spoken off, the winter spirit had been awoken at a time it should not be. The border through to the Zedlei blurred her senses too much to really make out much more from within the village.


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