Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #14

Nora nodded to affirm his question. “Here in the village the spirits are calm, but now that I think about it, inside the Zedlei I felt a tension that I did not give much thought at the time.”

“Then Nora should check it out,” Dah’Marra chimed in, stretched out in the grass along the path, “But not until morning. The Zedlei is much more dangerous at night.”

“Sounds like an idea,” Nora stretched while trying in vain to stifle a sudden yawn, “We have lodging of some form in the town hall. Bodvar’s there already.”

“You left that oaf alone in an unknown village for this long? That’s brave.” Deormund replied, grinning.

Though Nora felt that time was precious, she agreed with Dah’Marras comment that the forest was too dangerous to explore at night, and to continue in the morning. In addition, searching a coastline or a forest with someone like Volkmarr walking about would be foolishness. They had also not slept in an actual bed for almost 2 weeks, which admittedly played into the decision as well. Returning to the town hall, they found it in a raucous mood, with Bodvar having seemingly challenged the entire village to a drinking match and arm-wrestling simultaneously. Even Dah’Marras exotic appearance did not draw nearly as many looks as the massive highlander hoisted pints of ale with one hand and practically slammed arms into the table with the other. When Bodvar finally registered their arrival, he pressganged Deormund into joining, and would have gotten to Erroix as well if the elezen had not managed to somehow vanish before Bodvar found him in the throng. Around midnight the drinking and the contests began to die down as most of the villagers had either left or collapsed where they sat. Looking about the hall, Nora suspected her services might be requested in the morning. There would be a lot of sore heads and throats. The party was shown to their lodgings, namely the small village infirmary which was currently left unused along the side of the hall. Saying good night, they went to sleep in the first actual bed for a long time.


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