Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #13

Ailred and Leed left the group as the sun began setting, leaving the coastline# in the orange glow of the spring evening. Everyone seemed caught in their own thoughts, so Nora turned to Erroix. “Do you think the lighthouse is actually here, or did we turn afoul somewhere along the road?”

“This is what we set out for. I am absolutely certain of that,” Dah’Marra added, “Though I cannot speak for the lighthouse.”

“I think something is here,” The elezen replied, “The flow of aether along the coast suggests something is drawing it in, though I cannot tell the exact nature of what without seeing it more directly. But it is drawing a lot of aether. I’m surprised we are not seeing a concentration of Mist.”

“I don’t suppose we are so fortunate that you can pinpoint the location of this object or entity?” Deormund asked. The knight was looking out towards the beach, a hand close to his spear. The waves lapping gently in the spring breeze were at odds with the curious tension that Nora was sensing among her companions.

Erroix chuckled slightly. “Sadly not. I am afraid that we are going to have to rely on miss Ailreds assistance for that.”

Nodding, the knight turned to Nora. “When it comes to spirits, you’re our expert. Noticed anything yet?”

Nora sat down on the wooden fencing and collected her thoughts for a moment. “There’s definitely something going on in the area. I will need more time to make sense of it, but my immediate guess is that the natural order of the local spirits was greatly disturbed recently, which has caused a great deal of unrest.”

“Unrest?” Erroix replied, looking at her with a sidelong glance.

“Some areas have ‘natural’ unrest, as the local spirits compete for space, prestige or power,” Nora wished she had a drawing board of similar, “An active volcano is a good example. The outpouring of fire-aligned spirits disturbs the already-present spirits of the land around the volcano. The spirits in Sprohm are likely experiencing something similar, as powerful earth-aligned spirits and elementals congregate on the quake sites.”


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