Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #11

Ailred ignored him at first. “What do you 5 intend to do if you find the lighthouse?”

Before the party could reply, Leed stepped in front of her and spoke up. “You can’t tell them, Ailred. Bunther won’t allow it.” He seemed paler than a moment before.

“You know how I feel about Bunther’s little orders, Leed.” She was still looking past the hunter.

“And Berkholt?” Leed had looked over his shoulder at the seeqs distant figure before responding.

“Berkholt knows not to mess with me.” Ailreds tone suggested that the woman had every confidence in the face of whoever she might face.

“You want to know about the lighthouse? I’ll tell you what I know,” Ailred said, glaring at Nora and her friends in turn, “If you help us out first.”

“And what form would this help take?” Deormund replied warily.

The woman turned and pointed at the forest that dominated the horizon at the other end of the village. “Since our previous guest passed through, the Zedlei has been growing colder and colder, and the unseasonable temperature has begun leaking unto our fields during the night. If I didn’t know better, I would say that, while it is spring out here, inside the Zedlei winter is fast returning, and too early. It is hurting our crops and our hunting, hurting the village in turn,” Ailred turned to regard Leed this time, “Isn’t that right, Leed?”

The hunter cowered ever so slightly under Ailreds gaze. “Well, the forest has been awfully cold for this time of year, and yeah, the creatures are exceptionally skittish.” Leed relaxed visibly as he spoke.

Ailred simply nodded and turned back to the group. “I noticed this about a week ago , and I think his passage somehow disturbed the spirits of the forest,” The womans expression only seemed to grow more frustrated, “But that is as far as I got. I cannot think of anything to do on my own,” She turned towards Nora and Erroix specifically, “But you two are mages, are you not?” The two simply nodded in response, “Then surely you can do something?”


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