Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #10

As soon as the militia had disappeared from view, Dah’Marra and Deormund relaxed and stowed their weapons away. Both of them gave curious looks to the lone hunter remaining amongst them.

Leed bowed slightly towards Deormund. “Apologies for Berkholt, ser knight, that seeq was never any good at showing respect.”

“Volkmarr arrived in the village before us, so it would be understandable for them to be on edge.” Erroix commented.

Deormund visibly tensed, but Dah’Marra spoke before the knight could respond. “He found the way before us? How did he get through the Zedlei faster than us on his own?” She seemed somewhat frustrated.

“None of us hunters saw him before he was at the village border,” Leed replied. He still seemed cowed by Deormunds presence, “He asked around before he went on his way. Vanished from our tracking somewhere out on the coast.”

Deormund sat down on a row of fence lining the little road they were standing by. “We should track him down as soon as we can.”

Erroix slowly shook his head. “No need. If he came here for the lighthouse, then finding that will solve the issue of Volkmarr as well.”

Deormund glared at the elezen. “We don’t know what he hopes to find there.”

“And if ser Hanjer had not told us of his discoveries, we would still be completely in the dark as to his whereabouts or destinations,” Erroix replied while ignoring the knights stare and brushing specks away from at his robe, “No slight meant to your village, Leed, but Luthadale does not exist on most maps, and very little of historical note has ever happened here. At most, history books concerning the for northern regions of Jylland might off-handedly mention Luthadale as a village trading in whiskey and lumber from the Zedlei.”

Leed snorted before replying. “To you high and mighties we might just be a backwater, but Luthadale has its own history. We’ve not just been sitting on our asses for decades.”

“I come from a village much like Luthadale, Leed,” Nora replied, trying to keep her tone friendly, “And we wish to help where we can. But we need to find this lighthouse.”

Leed did not reply immediately, but instead turned to look at the village under the setting afternoon sun, only to draw attention to a stocky woman walking towards them with hurried steps. “Ailred?”


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