Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #9

Nora coughed politely from her seat a few positions over. The hunter stiffened ever so briefly then looked over. “Excuse me, but I believe these ‘weird folk’ are our friends.”

“No disrespect meant, miss, we’re not used to visitors around these parts.”

“We were told as much by your mayor earlier, so no need to worry about that,” Nora did not quite like the man’s tone, but did not see the point in any conflict. “Where exactly did you see them?”

The man scratched at his short beard. “Somewhere down on the coast. We’ll take them here.”

“We would prefer to go to meet them, rather than sit and wait here.”

Before he could respond, Noah put the waterskin back on the counter. “It was Ailred who told me to tell you, dad.”

At the mention of the matronly lady’s name, Noah’s father sighed. “Alright then, I don’t want any trouble with Ailred of all people. Follow me, I’ll lead you out.”

As they all rose from their seats, Bodvar raised a hand. “I’ll stick around here, see if I can squeeze anything useful from the other villagers.”

“I don’t suppose the hope of more whiskey is part of that idea?” Erroix responded while grabbing the cane he had leant against the counter. The highlander simply grinned in response.

As they left the hall, Nora noticed that Noah leaving from the other end, but did not mention it. The smell of salt in the air grew stronger as they approached the coast. It did not take long before they spotted the familiar frames of Dah’Marra and Deormund talking to the large seeq they had met earlier. Both the ranger and the knight looked ready to draw their weapons, but they did not seem intent on using them. The militia, on the other hand, looked less relaxed.

“Berkholt, they’re friendly. Ailred vouches for them.” Noah’s father shouted as they approached.

“And what does the mayor say?” The seeq replied, scoffing at the hunter, “Bah, lower your weapons everyone,” Berkholt waved at the other militia, “Ailred’s alright and Bunter probably won’t mind.” With that, the militia stomped off. Berkholt jabbed a finger at Noah’s father. “Leed, you’re in charge o’ them, make sure they don’t cause any trouble,” then left, leaving the party and Leed on the coastal outskirts of the village.


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