Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #6

Nora rested her arms on the counter. “Luthadale does not get many travelers, I take it?”

“Before your friend a fortnight ago, the village have not met any strangers for over 11 years. Morabella in the mountains attracts all the attention, good or otherwise.” Ailred replied.

Bodvar joined them at the counter. “Dah’Marra is sure to get a lot of attention here, then,” He pointed towards Erroix’s empty glass, “Any more of that?”

“Probably not the kind of attention she prefers.” Nora said while Ailred poured a glass for the Highlander.

Ailred placed the bottle back under the counter again. “So is this Dah’Marra one of you elezen as well?”

“Miqo’te.” Bodvar said before raising the whiskey glass.

This only seemed to confuse the woman, so Nora raised her hands, placing her fingers on the top left and top right of her head, mimicking cat ears. “A miqo’te has cat-like ears here and here, as well as a tail, again like a cat. Dah’Marra is one of us, she and our knight said they would explore the coastline while we should inquire here in the village.”

Ailred looked at them like they were madmen, but only sighed and poured another glass of spirit for herself. “I’ll tell Noah to tell his dad to look out for a cat-eared lady and a knight wandering the coast.” Again the whiskey bottle was put away beneath the bar.

A creaking from the stairs in the other side of the hall announced Noahs return from the second floor. “Bunther says he would like to talk to the visitors as soon as possible.”

“You should go do that straight away then, maybe he can give you some answers,” Ailred said, putting the various glasses on the counter aside, “I’ll make sure your friends are at least somewhat expected.”

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