Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #3

The only villager they saw in the fields to not return their looks with cautious expressions did not return their looks at all, but instead dropped his tools and ran ahead of them, presumably to inform someone of their coming. And sure enough, as they reached the end of the fields, 2 burly humes and a seeq stood in the road, looking decidedly uncomfortable in suits of hunting leather. The 2 humes both carried hunting bows and looked to the axe-armed seeq when the party stopped to give them questioning looks.

Noticing the attention, the burly seeq sighed and took a short step forward. ”Name’s Berkholt. What do 3 strangers want in Luthadale?”

Just passing through.” Bodvar replied. Nora could tell from his tone that he was grinning.

Then you can pass around.” Berkholt was not returning the good humour.

Erroix held a hand up in a placating gesture and stepped in front of the highlander. ”In truth, we are looking for a lighthouse that should be somewhere on this stretch of coastline, yet we have seen no sign of it,” The villagers seemed to grow even more uncomfortable at the mention of a lighthouse, ”And we were hoping talking to some of your fine townsfolk might provide some helpful clues.”

Berkholt scoffed at the elezen. ”Ain’t no lighthouse around here. You can stay at the town hall, but it won’t be free.”

Worry not, we shall not impose without some form of payment. Which one is the town hall, if we might ask?”

Tallest building without a sail, can’t miss it.”

They thanked the impromptu guards and continued into the village. As they got out of earshot of the militiamen, Bodvar turned towards Erroix. ”Without a sail?”

He was talking about the town windmill. Its probably taller than the town hall, but the hall obviously won’t have a sail.” Nora replied before the elezen could reply.

Children played in the streets but they did not stray far from the houses, and their parents would occasionally shoo them inside as the party passed. Luthadale was larger than Nora’s home-town but not by much, so it did not take them long to reach the ‘largest building without a sail’. The town hall stood out in the village as the only structure with 2 floors and no sail slowly rotating in the spring ocean breeze. A small crane was suspended beneath a thatched saddle roof, its wooden mechanisms hidden in the shade. The large wooden double-doors stood open, villagers entering and leaving all the while. As the party walked past them and into the hall proper, the work rate slowed while villagers stopped to stare at the visitors to their little village. Inside was a large meeting hall with a series of tables and benches arranged throughout the room and small raised podium with a counter situated next to it. Same as outside, villagers came and went through the room carrying boxes, barrels and sacks. A scraggly youth sat behind the bar, carving away at a length of wood.


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