Final Fantasy – Crystal Beacon #2

Erroix Kalurard emerged first, frantically brushing away various leaves that had stuck to his dark travelling robe. Bodvar emerged next as he chuckled at the elezens discomfort. Of the knight Deormund she saw no sign.

Nora waved at them as they emerged. ”Where’s Wright?”

“Dah’Marra doubled back to us, said she wanted to scout further ahead. Wright went along that they’d check further down the coast for that lighthouse.” Bodvar replied, looking out towards the village.

Erroix brushed the last leaves from his robe and joined them, likewise examining the village and surrounding area. “The rest of us should inquire in the village, see if the inhabitants know anything. They live here after all.”

Nora grabbed a waterskin from her pack. “The village isn’t that far away, let’s wait a bit. The sun is much warmer outside the forest.”

Erroix remained on his feet, but did not otherwise protest the suggestion. “Indeed it is. Curiously so,” The elezen mage paused for a moment, “Why do you suppose that is?”

Nora stoppered the waterskin and put it back down. “The Morabellan mountains are just south of the forest and are full of snow.”

Erroix crossed his arms. “The snows of Morabella are a by-product of magicks and the Mist of the mountains, rather than a natural phenomena. They should not affect the surrounding environs.”

Nora pondered that over another mouthful of water. “So the cold isn’t natural to the Zedlei?”

“In truth this is the first time I have been to this part of the world, so I wouldn’t know. Dah’Marra has been here before, supposedly. Let us ask her when we meet her and Deormund in the village.”

Bodvar turned back to them, a big grin on his face. ”Aye, let’s see what this place has to offer,” He briefly looked back at the forest, ”The forest wasn’t bad but it is largely devoid of creature comforts.”

The wind carried the salt-water smell of the ocean as the 3 walked along the paths that ran beside the fields. The few farmers working the fields regarded them with wary expressions as they passed.

”It must be a rare occurrence for the village to be receiving guests, being so far away from any major city.” Erroix mused as they walked.

”Maybe last time wasn’t such a pleasant experience, judging by the looks they’re giving us.” Bodvar replied. Nora did not respond. People working in the fields and the style of the village nestled along the coast reminded her of her own village. As memories of home rose unwanted to the front of her mind, homesickness lessened the joy of the spring weather.


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