Before the Endless #16 – Endless Legend

“No treasures.” Blagoje broke the silence. While most of the group were examining the crystal wall, he was looking at the stairway behind them, crossbow loaded and ready.

Velabahleke was running a finger along the Dust seams of the crystal wall. “This must be some antechamber, perhaps a security measure.”

Anushka was examining each of the objects on the wall in turn. “These remind me of masks, just really massive ones.”

Varun was sitting on the hostage, cupping his hands around his eyes to peer through the wall. “Some groups wear masks. Dorgeshi, delvers. None of them are nearly as big as this, though.”

The masks, or whatever they were, unsettled Zuzana. They reminded her of something, she just couldn’t place it.

Varun had stood up and was cracking his knuckles. “Guess we need to find a way to get through this wall.” With that, Varun slammed his fist-weapon into the wall, scratching the material and breaking off a finger-digit sized piece.

The whole group tensed as the small chunk of crystal clattered to the floor. When a moment had passed with no immediate changes in the room, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

“What were you thinking!?” Anushka shouted, glaring at her fellow Ardent. “What if it had triggered a trap?”

The scarred warlock shrugged. “Then we would have managed.”

Zuzana lowered her crossbow. She had reflexively drawn it when Varun had struck the wall. “I appreciate the confidence, Varun, but don’t do that again. We have dealt with traps before, but I have no idea what kind of traps or devices you would find in a vault created by the Endless.”

Velabahleke was not paying much attention to their little debate. He was rolling the crystal chunk between his hands, examining it. “I have never seen anything quite like this.”

Anushka scoffed. “Been in many Endless vaults?”

The trader seemed not to notice the tone of voice. For the first time since they had entered the mountains, he seemed at least a little in his element. “In my time, I have visited a few sites with possible ties to the Endless, but this green crystal is a first,” He ran a finger across the materials surface where it had broken from the wall, “It reminds me of blood crystal, but obviously a different colour and much more durable.”

While everyone spoke, Blagoje had retrieved a maul from his pack. He seemed to be simply awaiting orders. “Think it’s valuable?”

Velabahleke put the crystal chunk away, depositing it in his backpack. “Potentially, depends on its applications. Best not to damage the deposit more than we need to pass through.”


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