Before the Endless #15 – Endless Legend

“I wonder how you would word that in a legal document,” Anushka joined them. She looked better, and she was no longer clutching her head, “Will not reveal Anushka Enlais secret to the world.

Velabahleke chuckled at that. “I believe it is within my people’s capability to be a little more subtle than that, Lady Enlai.”

Zuzana was glad to see Anushka on her feet again. She hated having to resort to Anushkas abilities in a fight, but she had seen no other options. “How’s Varun?”

The Ardent lowered her voie. “He will be fine, eventually. But I cannot say how long that will take. He can move on his own, but he cannot fight for some time.”

Zuzana nodded, relieved. Rockblood was potent stuff, and they were without the antidote. It seemed the peculiar abilities of the Ardent mages had saved them twice this day.

The impromptu camp was quickly broken up, torches and captive distributed and their descent continued. This time, it seemed like they had scarcely resumed their journey before the scenery changed. The stairway ended, widening into a large half-oval room. Sconses for torches were set in 5 meter intervals along the walls, and the same carved angular letters that had adorned the doorway were present all along the walls of the chamber. The far wall from the stairway, however, was vastly different. Unlike the rest of the walls, this was vertical and flat, and made of some dark-purple nearly-translucent material streaked with veins of Dust-gold.

Zuzana suspected that the wall cut the room in half. Considering the dimensions of this half, the full room would be massive. Adorning the crystal wall were several vast objects, visible even through the darkness that filled the chamber. The group began igniting their torches, filling as many of the sconses as they could. Even with half of their supply lit up, they could not even fill half the sconses. The objects were large and rounded, created with various materials. They all had holes at irregular intervals, but always 2. Upon closer examination, she could not find any evidence of wear or tear, nor any markings of tool use. One was covered in soot, but the actual object was undamaged. Whoever had made these was an expert craftsman.


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