Before the Endless #11 – Endless Legend

Despite the ever-present danger of ambush, neither Zuzana nor Blagoje had armed their crossbows. The weapons were out and their quivers open, but no bolt was actually loaded into the mechanism. So when there was a cry from the rear and a mass of hisses and screeching, they both reached for their quivers first. Behind them, a massive ceratan sporting red metal adornments to its fangs had dropped into the middle of their group, separating them from Velabahleke and Varun. The Ardent man had kept hold of his torch, his open fist gripping his curious claw-weapon. Velabahleke looked shaken, but he was still reaching for his shortbow. The weapon would not be terribly useful in the darkness of the tunnel. The click-noises of claws on stone erupted from the shadows around them, signaling the arrival of many more ceratans into the fight. Zuzana immediately dropped to her knee, sliding a bolt into her crossbow. As she quickly aimed and fired, the lighting behind her shifted, covering her target in her own shadow. Anushka had dropped her own torch to the floor, her titanium spear keeping 2 of the large creatures at bay. Blagoje had dropped the Cultist and loaded his crossbow, scanning the border of torchlight for any creatures daring to enter the already-chaotic fight.

Zuzana reloaded again, training her sights on the ceratan Varun was holding at bay with the torch. Her crossbow-bolt punched into its back, but the creature gave no sign of feeling the impact. One of its fangs darted forward, scraping past the Ardent man’s guard. Barely dodged, the fang carved a furrow through Varuns left side. As he staggered a step backwards, a grin quickly spread across Varuns face, and the mans tattoos flared with a vivid blue colour. The ceratan could barely react as he scythed forwards with his own claw, nearly shearing the fang from the driders body. Its cry was shrill as it staggered away from the warlock, trying to keep its shattered limb away from the warlock. Zuzana could not observe the fight further as a smaller ceratan leapt at her, fangs and mandibles extended. She rolled under it, dust blowing past her from its impact where she had been a moment before. She spun around, dropping her crossbow to the ground and drawing her axe. The drider spun in place to face her, raising its fangs and standing as tall as it could on its spidery legs. Taking the time to intimidate cost it dearly, as Blagoje put a crossbow bolt in its back. It staggered forwards and Zuzana swung her axe, the titanium blade sinking to the hilt into its chest. It screeched weakly as it sunk to the tunnel floor. Ripping the axe from its chest, she stood to survey the fight. Blagoje was bludgeoning a ceratan with his studded club in one hand and its fangs grasped roughly in his other. Velabahleke was firing arrows around the edges of the torchlight, keeping more ceratans at bay.


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