Before the Endless #7 – Endless Legend

As the patrol reunited, the group advanced under cover of the rock dotted across, still searching for signs of their remaining memers.

Velabahleke leaned against a rock, arrow nocked on his bow. “We cannot sit idle and wait for Lady Shuksin and Lady Enlai to join us.” Up ahead, the patrol was beginning to march off, probably making to meet up with another patrol and bring the whole regiment into the tunnel. Varun had moved off, circling around to flank and wait for the signal from the rest.

As the patrol turned their backs to them and began marching, Velabahleke and Blagoje rose and fired, arrow and bolt striking the back of one of the Cultists. The bolt shattered the porcelain armour, the arrow following it up by lodging itself deep into the black mass beneath. As the Cultist dropped, the others turned and drew their bows without missing a beat. While the two attempted to reload, the Cultists beat them to it, loosing a volley of arrow fire at them. They barely managed to duck, arrows clattering off the rocks around them. Velabahleke finished nocking his arrow first and rose again, in time to see Varun sprinting from his cover straight towards the patrol who were nocking their next volley. 3 of them turned to face the Ardent man, aiming their bows to bring him down before he could get to them. Only 1 of the Cultists managed to fire as a crossbow bolt slammed into ones face, dropping it. Another was literally disarmed as a titanium spear was launched across the opening, smashing the creatures arms from its body. Varun dove to the side, narrowly dodging the last projectile. Zuzana appeared, jumping down to the dirt under the rocks, covering behind a small rock to reload her crossbow. Anushka came running in from the opposite direction, making for the spear she had thrown into the fight. Like Varun, she too had to dive aside as a small volley of arrows shot towards her.

Almost completely surrounded, the Cultists did not notice Varun back on his feet before it was too late. Their lanky figure meant they were quite tall, but their form seemed to have little weight to it as the scarred man simply bulled one of them to the ground, slamming his bladed fist-weapon into what constituted its neck. The remaining 2 spun to face him, but their bows were cumbersome at such short range and they possessed no other weapons. Blagoje and Anushka were now also charging into the fray, assisting Varun who was fighting to sweep their bows aside. Club in hand, Blagoje reached them before the Ardent woman. With a chop of the stout club, one of the remaining Cultists almost lost its left arm, and the archer was wrestled to the dirt alongside its partner. Anushka ran past the survivor and retrieved her spear from the ground, turning in place to face the last opponent. From Velabahlekes position, everyone else was now positioned to the left of the remaining Cultist, giving him an opportunity to use his bow without fear of hitting his allies. He took it. The arrow crossed the distance in an instant, cracking against one of the hip-joints of the creature, dropping it to the ground. Before it could raise itself, a spear-point appeared at its neck, titanium edge gleaming through the dust.


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