Before the Endless #2 – Endless Legend

“The Vault of the Ones Who Came Before. A great quantity of Dust, along with a sizeable amount of treasure. It’s quite possible that there will be some incredible armaments among the treasures as well.”

She tried to ignore the painting of the masks as much as she could, and pointed at the stylised map. “I am unfamiliar with this range. How big is it, and can we feasibly search the area?” They had only brought so many supplies, so spending weeks upon weeks searching for a decorated cave on a mountain was not a plan she would willingly pursue.

Varun held up his spoon for silence, chewing on his oatmeal as fast as he could. “I suspect I have been there before. The style of the map is obviously different, but it resembles a mountain range my old regiment searched once on a superiors orders.”

Blagoje scooped a portion of oatmeal into his bowl. “How big?”

The Ardent scratched at his bald chin. “We searched the mountains for 3 days before we found our objective, which was considerably smaller than a doorway. It’s no bigger than Brenla, the city of my birth, though considerably more difficult to navigate.”

“Then I suggest we move out, get an early start.” Anushka rose to her feet, gaze moving between the others.

Zuzana stood up and stretched. “Agreed. Pack the campsite, Blagoje, you clean after breakfast.”

The tents were swiftly folded away and cooking tools packed, and the bags placed on their pack´-horse, thoughtfully supplied by Velabahlekes clan. According to the trader, their riding beasts were extraordinarily clever and very well trained, so they should not fear their supplies being lost or the horse running off in fear at the rustle of a bush. While breakfast had been a long affair, the sun was not so high in the sky that they could not tell east from west. According to the map, the mountain range was west of them, though the exact distance was difficult to discern. Zuzana assumed it would be the first mountain they would find on the way. After an hour, they left the forest behind, emerging onto a grassy plain. Here they made good time for a few hours, until they met their first obstacle.

They’d found a small hole next to a cluster of trees on the plain, hiding in the depression. The dark earth was still damp though it had not rained for days, and the scent of rich dirt pervaded the area. Zuzana hoped that would not present a problem, though she also did not think it would. The white-porcelain creatures marching past their hidey-hole had no beasts with them, and she had never seen nor heard of a Cultist giving any indication of senses beyond sight or sound. She had faith in her companions ability to fight, but the Cultists would outnumber them 5 to 1. And what was worse, the regiment was marching towards the mountain range that the group had seen when they emerged from the forest. The others were talking behind her, thankfully keeping their voices low.


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