The Boogeytax – Indepentional

William slowly lowered his head, resting it against the cool wood of his desk. It was cool against the uncomfortable heat that was slowly taking over his body. Taking a deep breath, he looked back up, reading the first sheet of a pile of documents that had arrived that morning. He had seen it coming in through the mail-slit in the door, but late for work, it waited until he got home before it introduced a whole new slew of troubles to his life. Hospital bills, medication, nursing care. In computer-written and cold text it outlined just how much money he would be owing the local hospital for probably the rest of his life. It had not taken much calculation to see that both him and his wife would need to take on extra jobs to pay for it all if they hoped to ever pay it off and keep any semblance of the normality of their current lifestyle. It was all too much for him to cope with at this time of day, so he decided to leave it off till the next day. His wife away for the week on business, the large bedroom was awfully dark and lonely as he tried to fall asleep against the dull march of numbers going through his mind.

The Boogeyman looked through the curtain, seeing the man finally drift off towards sleep. It had been away from the human realm for a long time, even by its own reckoning. Despite the long absence, its abilities still retained their full power. Fears materialised and terrors took physical form when the Boogeyman arrived, allowing it to prey upon its victims as they were paralysed with fear. This human would suffice as a first of many, a breakfast of soul. The Boogeyman stepped forth from its hiding hole, its abilities coming to bear as the human slowly awoke from its slumber, its restful state disturbed by its mere presence. Arms shifted and folded, legs bent back behind him and the Boogeyman fell to the floor, utterly confused as it became utterly unable to move.

William was not sure what had just happened. A nightmarish turn to his dream had forced him awake, the sound of his closet opening reinforcing that feeling. But all he could see in his bedroom was the big pile of medical bills on the floor.


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