The Horror before Christmas

At the moment, the story I’m writing (Baggage) is meant to be a space horror piece that is being released in 800-something word chapters. Whether it’s actually horror or just a bit boring is up to the reader, I guess, but this post is more about writing it than about the actual story.

I’ve been trying to put some 250 words towards the story every day with mixed success; occasionally I have to go back and rewrite the whole previous section, or go back and change an at-the-time inconsequential sentence as it would mess everything up. On the 23rd, I got absolutely nothing written, and I suspect today will not be very different. Reason? Yesterday, we had the 4-year old nephew visiting. Great kid, if perhaps a little too used to getting what he wants from his uncles and grandparents. He is very cheery and quick to run with his imagination, which around Christmas means a lot of small Christmas-related games. This creates a very jovial atmosphere in the house and everyone invovled. Not a problem normally, but this leads to the point.

I’ve found that, for this story in particular, I need to be in a horror-y mood to get cracking, so to speak. It’s a habit I should try and kick, as it does impede progress, but it is nevertheless present at this point in time.

So does anyone else find they need some specific mood or music to write a specific type of story or post?


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